Why Your Wedding Venue NEEDS to be Celebrated!

I have had the brilliant scribbly pleasure of drawing some absolutely beautiful venues. I’ve drawn everything from a couple riding a tandem up to a beautiful village church, to Tuscan villas, Town Halls, and some gorgeous stately homes. I only wish I … Continue reading

Six Rather Special Wedding Presents to Give as a Group

As couples marry later, months and years after moving in together, traditional wedding lists of kitchen equipment, tupperware, egg cups and bed linen are on the wane. I’ve noticed, in designing bespoke wedding stationery, couples are choosing more often to … Continue reading

This Month I Have Been Mostly…

1. Spending time with old friends… In both senses of the word! Ha! Not really, or at least the ‘old’ is just as old as me. This year, from 2014 and 2015, is the year of many friends turning 30, … Continue reading

This Week I Have Been Mostly…

1. Having Itchy Feet and Being Nostalgic Last year Mr Story and I went on a three month trip from Beijing to Istanbul in a big orange truck. Three months isn’t that long in the scheme of things, but it … Continue reading

Ms Vintage Wedding Affair

I have spent the last couple of weeks at the studio and on the sofa, glue gun and paintbrush in hand, preparing for the Miss Vintage Wedding Affair on Sunday. I have been stamping labels and inking price lists, curling … Continue reading