Bespoke Illustrations

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The Story House originally started with bespoke illustration. It’s at the heart of what I love to do; I love to take someone’s story or idea and illustrate it for them, to create something truly special, hopefully with personal touches that they notice on second or third look, and a light and humorous touch.

I offer a bespoke illustration service for weddings or other celebrations, gifts and businesses. This can include designs that will be printed and sent out, or those that will be kept as a lifelong memento, or stay on screen for your personal or business website.

Each illustration is bespoke, and you are provided with several opportunities to provide feedback on the design, so I can make the changes you need and get the design right for you.

How it works

For websites, business and branding illustration, have a click here for more information.

For bespoke wedding stationery designs, click here for more information.

For bespoke illustrations as gifts, read on!

There are two options for Bespoke Illustration Gifts. Firstly, you can purchase a Gift Card for a bespoke illustration. This is for an A4 bespoke couples’ illustration of a specific structure.  Click here for more information.

Alternatively, you can choose to have a more complex bespoke illustration that tells a story, or follows a structure of your choosing.

For this, initially I provide a questionnaire for you to complete that will cover the main information that I need to begin your design. The questionnaire will ask what you need from the design, go into detail for the things that you like, and ask about the images and information, or story, that you would like included. From this I will confirm a design timetable with you, so you know what to expect and when. I am also really happy to hear from you during the design process, or beforehand, if you have any questions.

Once we have been through the designing and editing process, you can just use the digital design, have it printed yourself, or ask me to organise the printing. I never begin the printing process without confirming the price with you.

It is possible to order a single illustration or a series of illustrations. They can be large or small, black and white or full colour, on white card stock, or rustic brown kraft card stock. That’s the joy of a bespoke illustration – just about anything’s possible!

Please do get in contact if you have any questions about the process, for a bespoke quotation, or what’s possible. Or just to say hello – It would be lovely, and I need someone to interrupt my constant screen time/toast making habits. You’d be doing us both a favour!

CLICK HERE for more price information about Bespoke Illustrations.

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