Bespoke Illustrations – FAQ

Bespoke 70th Birthday Illustration

Can you produce something in a very specific style for me?

I do like a challenge, and produce varied work – I’ve designed anything from a Pop Art comic book, to rustic floral designs! However, I do have a certain style of drawing. If you have a specific style in mind, I suggest you collect some images together (Pinterest is great for this) for me to look at and I can reassure you if I think I can work to your ideas, or let you know if it’s definitely not possible.

How long should I allow for a bespoke illustration?

For a single page design, you should allow six weeks for the design process and up to four weeks for printing and delivery.

Timing will depend on how quickly you are able to respond to emails, queries and provide payment. I do request the date you would like to receive your goods to help with my scheduling, although I cannot guarantee it. If you need a bespoke illustration faster than the time frame above, please do contact me to check. I may be able to adapt my schedule and help you out.


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