Bespoke Illustration Gift Card


The Bespoke Illustration Gift Card  is a perfect wedding or anniversary present. You give a couple the gift of a bespoke illustration, marking their day or celebrating their relationship, without the time or commitment of going through the editing and feedback process yourself. The couple can choose their favourite photograph and details of the day or their personalities that mean the most to them, and have them included in a very special print, designed just for them.

It’s a very special gift, giving the lovely couple a memento they’ll love, in an illustration that they’ll be able to treasure forever.


When you order a Gift Card as a gift, it arrives in a white box, decorated with gold stars and tied with navy ribbon. It’s already a special gift to give a happy couple, and lovely to unwrap.

The Gift Card itself is printed on thick 280 gsm textured card. With the couples’ names hand-written across the front of the Gift Card, it then opens out to reveal all the details that the couple need to know about their Bespoke Illustration. It includes the structure of the illustration, describing and showing how the illustration will include a couples’ portrait, small details from the day, and some text very special to them.

The Gift Card itself includes all the important information necessary for understanding the design process, and claiming your bespoke illustration. I am also really happy to answer any questions about the process from the person buying the card or those receiving it.

The card includes all the practical details about how to contact me, and initiate the design process. Once the couple contact me, I talk them through the design process and all the information I need. Once the design is completed, it is professionally printed, popped into a sleek white frame and delivered to the happy couple.

The cost of the Gift Card, including the boxed card itself, support and communication through the design process, all the design work, printing, frame and delivery is just £150.00.


I have concentrated on creating the perfect structure for the illustration, including a portrait of the couple, many opportunities for special touches and drawings of all the things that made a special day personal, as well as some special text, whether it’s the lyrics of the first dance, a reading from the ceremony or any other special words.

If you would like to order a Gift Card, or if you have already received one and would like more information about the design process, then please contact me.