About Me

My name is Lucy. I spend my time at my desk at home, hand-drawing designs for lovely people, with the radio for company and fuelled by copious cups of tea and more marmite toast than should be consumed by a single individual.

I am lucky enough to live with Mr Story, who keeps me sane, and is kind enough to join in when I feel the need to have a dance around the flat for no particular reason.

When I escape my desk and enter the outside world, I love crisp, cold sunny autumn days, tramping around London’s parks and coo-ing over market stalls piled high with stationery or baked goods.

I would love to have my own library to pile high with beautiful books. As it is, I shamelessly buy beautifully illustrated children’s books, despite being a grown up, and sneak them onto our already full shelves.

To see my full range of illustrated prints and temporary tattoos, have a look at my Not On the High Street shop here.