Painting Rainbow Letters for Colour Saturday



This Saturday, the 5th December, is Colour Saturday, a new celebration of the vibrancy, colour and joy that small creative businesses create. Bright and brilliant colour is one of my favourite things – all the illustrations and illustrators I love use it liberally and with joy.

I think as adults, you learn to love muted tones – greys and taupes, creams, navy and black. Just look around any bundle of people, wearing winter coats, suits, tasteful grey jumpers and sensible shoes – sometimes we miss out on the joy that colour brings.

If you’d like to shop for items sorted by bright and brilliant colour on Not On the High Street, click here.

If you’re looking to add some colour to your Christmas, I love this acrylic jewellery by Inca Starzinsky,  this patterned Flamingo Cosmetics Bag by Rosa and Clara, and all of the beautiful printed items by Marcus Walters  as well as these beautiful bright blue Christmas Gift tags, via Little Observationist on Etsy.

Probably my most colourful prints on Not On the High Street are my Personalised Alphabet Prints – all illustrated with bright and brilliant colours, before being hand-personalised with a rainbow of painted letters. Have a look at how I do that, in the time lapse below. If you’d like to order a Personalised Alphabet Name Print, complete with a rainbow of colourful letters, click here.



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