Missing Type

O Is For Missing Type Orangutan

You may have some gappy looking text around the place recently. From Waterstones, to Odeon to Not On the High Street, there have been many missing letters. They are all in aid of National Blood Week and the Missing Type campaign – a push to get people giving blood.
I am guilty of not doing this myself. I’ve looked up Blood Donation sessions, made notes to make them, and then failed terribly. So the least I can do is to promote this campaign with my very own Missing Type adaptations of my ‘O’ Alphabet print, and then sign up for blood donation myself.

O Is For Missing Type Otter

I’ve adapted one of my alphabet illustrations to highlight the ‘Missing Types’ – the types of blood that the Blood donation service are very much in need of. They need 204,000 new volunteers to come forward to keep the nation’s blood stocks at a safe level for the future. 40% fewer people gave blood across England and North Wales last year compared to a decade ago. If not enough new people donate blood and these ‘types’ were to go missing in years to come, there wouldn’t be enough blood available when patients need it.

If you would like more information on Blood Donation, click here.

O Is For Missing Type Otter

If you’d like an alphabet illustration print without some missing type, for a lovely little person in your life, you can buy them on Not On the High Street here.


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