The Love of Being a Wedding Tog

The Love of Photography Snap  297 x 420

A couple of weeks ago it was the Snap Photography Festival. It’s a festival and cultural retreat, with lots of exciting workshops, and the brainchild and baby of the fantastic Laura Babb. Just looking at the festival website is so exciting and inspiring, I cannot even imagine what an incredible experience attending must have been! Photographers, make a note of it and make sure you get in there at any future Snap festivals. It makes me wish I’d spent more time with my camera at Art College, even if the dark room was scary and intimidating, and smelt a bit funny.

For the Snap Festival programme, I put together an illustration celebrating some of the special ingredients, joyful moments, and back-up paranoia that goes along with being a wedding tog.

What do you think? Anything I’ve missed out?

The Love of Being a Wedding Tog Pinterest

If you’d like to celebrate The Love of Reading, The Love of Cheese or The Love of Running, there’s illustrations for those too.


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