5 More Alternative Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

5 more alternative songs to walk down the aisle to

My post about 10 Alternative Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To is consistently one of my most popular posts, so I thought I’d add a few more options and ideas.

I often find myself lovingly listening to a beautiful song, thinking it could be perfect, only to listen to the lyrics and realise it’s a breakup song, or it’s all about being alone, or getting drunk or something else inappropriate. Not that you can’t have those songs if you’d like, but I don’t feel quite right recommending them, if you haven’t already found the song, loved it and decided the swearing or drunkenness is apt or sung so beautifully it doesn’t really matter.

Otherwise, here are a few beautiful songs that I think will help you along the aisle, in a haze of lovely sound.

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1. Wanderer Wandering by Slow Club

I have been listening to Slow Club a lot over the last year or so, and I even drew an album cover for them as part of a course.

For walking down the aisle, I think songs that build slowly, sound layered upon sound, work well in mimicking and highlighting the physical action of you entering the room and progressing down the aisle. This song is not a burst of noise. It slowly pulsates, building slowly. It is the perfect framing music, not pulling you in or your guests in with lyrics or telling them a story, just filling the room with sound.

2. All is Love by Karen O and the Kids

Starting quietly, with a simple melody, this song bursts into excitement and the musical equivalent of an enormous grin and leap of joy. I don’t know if it’s just knowing it was part of the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack, but leaping about with excitement, and starting a wild rumpus definitely seems a good response to it. Choose this song to reflect your own joy and excitement, and the title of course celebrates the reason you’re getting married.

3. The Bigger Picture by Stornoway

If you’re looking for something really cheery, with a summer atmosphere, and a carnival feel, this could be the song for you. It has a 60’s feel. I really love the sentiment for a wedding too, having seen a little of something, you cannot imagine the length and breadth in the bigger picture – a great metaphor for embarking on a life shared with your favourite person.

4. Seven Year Glitch by Rumour Cubes

If I were only choosing one option out of these songs, I would chose this one. It’s beautiful, soaring, touching, poignant and did I say beautiful? Those strings tug at my heart every time. There is no better song to reflect the truly huge thing you’re doing in getting married.

5. Keep Me in Mind Sweetheart by Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan

If you’d like something really sweet and folky, with the glorious deep tones of Mark Lanegan, this could be right up your street. With it’s sweet melody, it offers a really clear and easy rhythm to follow down the aisle, not to fast not too slow. It’s also a great song about relying on someone else.

If you choose any of these songs, do make sure to buy them or download them. There are plenty of people who hook the speakers up to a streaming service like Spotify, for walking down the aisle or for elsewhere in your wedding day. You really don’t want to be relying on a good connection for your music.


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