This Week I Have Been Mostly…


1. Eating a lovely lunch

At the beginning of last week, Mr Story and I headed south of the river for a family lunch. We lived in the flat in Walworth for a few months last summer. It was strange to travel there in cool weather. My experience of living there seems so tied up in the dusty heavy heat of a city summer.

We had a very tasty lunch indeed. Fresh green soup, swirled with cashew nut cream, a range of tasty dips with warm naan bread from the Turkish shop at the end of the road, and red bean chocolate brownies. You can see that our tiny nephew ‘R’ was a big fan of the lunch too. He’s reaching the age where he’s increasingly wary of strangers, or at least people he hasn’t seen for a while, especially men. Mr Story had to spend some time with R, before he could get swooped out of big sis’ arms without crying.

2. Eating a lovely dinner

On Friday night, I met up with some friends at Roti King. We queued up the outdoor stairs, wondering how long to queue and hoping it would be worth it. We needn’t have worried. The food was gorgeous. A couple of people went for huge swirling bowls of fragrant laksa, and another for Nasi Goreng. I couldn’t resist the dish that cropped up on the tables all around us – the roti canai. A small bowl or curry, full of delicious spiced comforting flavour, served with, the star of the show, the layered, flaky flat bread. Yum. It’s a restaurant with queues, plastic tables, an outdoor toilet and BYOB, and the most delicious food. Highly recommended.

6 Rather Special Presents

3. Compiling a list of Lovely Gifts

Since last summer, I’ve had regular commissions to produce bespoke illustrations as a gift for a couple from a friend or group of friends. This, along with upcoming and previous weddings of friends at the heart of friendship groups, inspired me to write this post with a list of ideas for wedding presents, to give as a friendship group.

Frida Kahlo Wedding The Story House4. Working on a New Project

I’ve spent the last couple of days doing some work on a new blog project, focusing on combining some amazing artists, with wedding inspiration. I’ll reveal more in the weeks to come!


5. Working on a new Initial Print

I have a bright and colourful collection of Personalised Prints for children in my Not On the High Street shop. They’re all based on the child’s initial, with hand-painted name at the centre of the illustrations. I’m currently working on expanding the range of letters I can offer. This little fella got drawn in the development of the next print. He’s probably not going to make the final cut, but at least he can be featured here!


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