6 Fabulous First Christmas Presents

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This year I am lucky enough to be celebrating a tiny person’s first Christmas. Along with his gorgeous chubby cheeks, I am looking forward to a celebration of Christmas aided by my nephew trying to eat large quantities of wrapping paper, becoming hypnotised by fairy lights and being dressed up in some sort of excellently cute Christmas costume. The Christmas costume will, of course, be the gift that keeps on giving, as we can get out the photos year after year, particularly when he hits some years of awkwardness and embarrassment.

I am looking forward to watching The Snowman with him for the first time, and using him as an excuse to watch large quantities of animation for the next few years – Wallace and Gromit, Room on the Broom, Robbie the Reindeer and Despicable Me, I’m looking at you.

One of the lovely things about looking forward to someone’s first Christmas is knowing that the things you begin now, or those traditions you’re continuing, will form the basis of their childhood memories. They’ll look back at the photos of their first Christmas, and aside from thinking how young everyone looked, they’ll recognise those decorations, those Christmas prints on the wall, or that tiny Christmas baby gro from their memory box that they can’t believe they ever fit into.

With all that in mind, and with a nephew to buy for, I’ve put together a guide to a collection of lovely, memorable presents for a tiny person’s first Christmas.


Copyright: Born Bespoke

1. Personalised Rudolf Christmas Baby Shoes

How cute are these?! I have heard reports of new parents receiving piles and piles of new shoes for their new arrivals, and I can see why. There’s something so adorable about shoes that you can fit in the palm of your hand. These shoes are handmade in soft leather, and you can specify the wording on the back. If you’re going to keep a pair of shoes from your baby’s first year, I think these should be the ones. Not only are they tiny, cute, soft and comfy, but the reindeer is full of character. A good way to indulge in a bit of Christmas dress-up without going for full costume.

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2. Personalised Print, with Father Christmas’ sleigh.

I love using prints and framed posters as Christmas decorations. It’s an incredibly easy way to decorate; no blue tac, no standing on chairs, no tinsel or covering yourself in glitter – just a quick swap of year-round frame to something lovely and festive. It’s clean and colourful, and did I mention it doesn’t involve you covering yourself in glitter?

This print is of a bright snowy scene, with a gorgeous chubby cheeked Father Christmas, and red nosed reindeer, has the name of the tiny person hand-painted inside. What could be more personal than that? A print is a long lasting memento, with the added bonus of bright and brilliant illustration that the tiny person will love for years.

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Copyright: Blade and Rose

Copyright: Blade and Rose

3. Christmas Pudding Leggings

While not specifically a first Christmas memento, these leggings were too lovely not to include. If your little one is crawling about a lot this Christmas, then these Christmas pudding leggings will be on show a lot! Give the tiny person something comfy and stretchy to wear, after all, tearing up the wrapping paper and spreading it round the house is a time-consuming and difficult job.

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4. Personalised Initial Name Print

While it’s nice if the First Christmas present is a specific memento, it definitely doesn’t have to be. With the parents focusing on buying all things practical and necessary, and getting through the days with no sleep, it’s lovely to get a gift that celebrates their new tiny person in a personal way, that doesn’t involve complicated straps or wipe clean surfaces. These bright illustrated initial prints are a perfect Christmas gift. The illustrations are full of character and will appeal to the child for years to come – along with celebrating their own initial and name. The names are hand-painted on, for a truly personal gift – no more hunting out unusual names or spellings. Plus free postage and packing? How brilliant is that?

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Copyright: Edge of Clarity

5. Personalised DIY Christmas Ornament

This ornament is something that can be brought out year after year. Rather than a memento to be hidden away in a memory box, this will come out year after year. I do love the process of adding to the tree decorations as a way of remembering too – whether they’re decorations to remind you of Christmas markets with friends, a trip away or those handmade in school, unpacking each one from decade-old newspaper in a way of reminiscing in itself. This ornament is perfect if you’d like something a little crafty to do, curled up on the sofa, mulled wine beside you, and a little embroidery project to work on. Lovely jubbly.

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Copyright: Chantel Davenport Designs

Copyright: Chantel Davenport Designs

6. First Christmas Bear Decoration

If your To-Do list is longer than your arm, and your idea of heaven definitely does NOT involve threading a needle, the DIY ornament may not be for you. Instead, how about this First Christmas Bear decoration? I’m a little bit in love with him. I love the simplicity of the design, his bow tie and name tag. It’s a really lovely ornament, without being too cutsie. He also comes with his own memento box.

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One thought on “6 Fabulous First Christmas Presents

  1. Dammit Lucy, I really want all those things! Plus, I don’t have a memory box, so now I want one of those too …

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