This Week I Have Been Mostly…

So over the last week or so (it definitely includes an ‘or so’) I’ve been out and about, getting inspired and working on new things.


That said, this weeks 1. is packaging some more prints for a lovely couple. I really enjoyed working with Helly and Joe – they were lovely, really enthusiastic and have two tiny dogs that I got to draw on their invitation. I started with their invitation, did a selection of On the Day stationery, and I’ve just had their Thank You Cards printed, along with a re-print of their botanicals table cards. They’re having them framed to out on their wall- lots of good memories from their wedding. I really enjoyed illustrating their botanicals themes, and this Peony print is the outcome. I’m considering adapting a variety of them for a set of postcards. What do you think?

It’s been a good year for Botanicals stationery – I loved designing the stationery for this shoot too.


2. Extending my birthday.

I do like extending my birthday – receiving presents and cake a week or two after the actual event. This time my Dad texted me to meet up and go shoe shopping. I tend to walk holes in my heels rather quickly, so getting shoes or boots for my birthday, to top up my supply before winter hits, has become sort of traditional. I left the house with brogues in mind, because I walked my way through the heels of some a couple of years, and miss them. We found some amazing brogues, with visible hand-stitching and leather soles, and all sorts of other incredible details, so those became my new birthday shoes. I need to invest in some equipment to look after them – shoe trees, proper shoe polish and the number of the good cobbler. If you take care of them, apparently these shoes can outlast their owner.

3. Learning about comics with Karrie Fransman

I went to the House of Illustration for a Masterclass and introduction to comics with the lovely Karrie Fransman. It was just the event I needed. I’ve been reading and drawing round the edges of comics and graphic novels, with out the basis of knowledge that comes with having followed a genre or writer for years. I fell in love with Persepolis, and found Lighter Than My Shadow an incredible read and devoured it in a single sitting, and have been to a couple of comic festivals, picking out bits and pieces where I can. I follow Connie to the Wonnie and the many time-based comic challenges over the internet, wanting to draw and join in, but with little idea how to start. Karrie was brilliant at talking us through the genre, the simple ways of getting started, as well as the impressive range of possible ways of using this sequential story-telling – have a look at her comic app (Free!), First Witch, to see what’s possible.

4. Attending the Chosen Wedding Fair photo-13

If you want to know why I choose the Chosen Wedding Fair, or the others I attend, have a read here. I had a lovely day; I spoke to some brilliant couples – I heard about Wind in the Willows’ themes, a couple who met when he through her out of the Student Union, a proposal on a big screen at an outdoor cinema. I didn’t really stop talking all day! Working from home, apart from the enthusiastic emails, you can be a bit distanced from your real life clients, so to hear peoples’ excitement, saying they’ve never seen that such personal stationery was possible – it’s really touching. I even converted a couple who weren’t even thinking of buying stationery! Aside from the couples’, I also left the fair with the most beautiful bouquet of roses from a florist there, and a big slice of the lightest fluffiest coffee cake, from the tea room. Brilliant.

Story House bespoke illustration gift card

5. Launching my new Bespoke Illustration Gift Card

I’m so excited to be selling these! I have been thinking of doing them for a long time, and have finally managed to design the Gift Card, have it printed on lovely textured card, and decorated the Gift Card boxes with gold stars and ribbon. It’s such a good present for a wedding, an anniversary, or for a couple for Christmas, allowing them to have a beautiful personalised print, with details and images of their choice.

If you would like more information about the card, and images of the illustration, then have a look here.

Also, I am really happy to announce a launch discount of 20%. Purchases made before midnight on 10th November will have 20 % off! So, get your Christmas shopping in early! If you’d like to order one, or have any details, contact me here.