Bespoke Illustration Gift Card Launch and Special Offer

The Story House Gift Card Box

I have been happily drawing bespoke single-page illustrations for lots of lovely couples for a good long while now.

I’ve drawn a couple as a bear and a penguin, for a first anniversary. I’ve drawn the Eiffel Tower at least twice, African safaris, Dubai and a club in Reading. I’ve drawn numerous first dances and more countries and special places than I can remember, all in the endeavour of creating something personal and special for the couple in mind. They have been bought by the couples themselves, grooms for brides, brides for grooms, and groups of friends and relatives.

All of these winding journeys and special places mean that it can be quite an involved process for those buying the illustration. The personality of the couple is in the detail. This means I focus on getting places, faces and details just right. Not only did the person buying the illustration have to know these details, they also had to commit to regular emails and feedback, until the design was just right.

With this in mind, I have created a Bespoke Illustration Gift Card. Now, anyone who knows and loves a couple can buy them a gift card, that can be exchanged for a bespoke illustration. The illustration is perfectly laid out with a portrait, some special words, and all those tiny details that fill it full of personality.

You can purchase the Gift Card, and the happy couple just need to contact me within a year, and I’ll tell them exactly what images to send me, give them a chance to list their favourite things to be included, and they’ll end up with a personalised bespoke illustration, printed professional and framed.

For more details and images of the Gift Card itself, and the illustration design, click here.

I’m really excited about this Gift Card, and, sitting inside gold tissue paper, a white box with gold stars and tied up with blue ribbon, I can’t think of a better present.

The Gift Card will sell for £150.00, including the boxed card itself, the A4 design, printing and a plain white frame.

But there’s even more good news! in celebration of its launch, I will offer a 20% discount for all those Gift Cards purchased in full, before midnight on 10th November 2014 (Greenwich Mean Time). This means, if you buy the card in the next couple of weeks, you’ll pay only £120.00 – and have £30.00 to spend on chocolate, books or drinks or just about anything else you can think of!

For more details about the Gift Card click here.

To contact me to purchase a Gift Card, click here, or email me at