Chose the right Wedding Fair

You Are My Chosen One

Choose a wedding fair.

Don’t choose a fair in a blank-eyed, office-carpeted convention centre. Don’t choose a fair with piped-in music and soulless displays. Don’t choose a fair where every vendor has offered the same service, in the same colours and same design for the last 25 years.

Choose a wedding fair with vendors that smile and say hello. Choose a wedding fair that stuffs you full of cake and bubbles. Choose a fair where the live music has you tapping your feet and swinging your hips before you even know it. Choose a fair where the people you talk to become excited about your wedding, your other half, your ideas and personality. Choose a fair where the ideas inspire you. Choose vendors whose leaflets are covered in pictures of couples and weddings full of personality and smiles, not set and staid photos from twenty years ago. Choose a wedding fair where the vendors can name their past clients’ by name, and talk with excitement about working with them.

Chose the right wedding fair.

The Chosen Wedding Fair is one of the right ones. I’ll be there tomorrow, Sunday 19th October, at the beautiful Islington Assembly Hall from 11am, stuffing myself with cake, dancing about to the live music, and, most importantly, talking to couples’ about their wedding day.

You can buy a ticket online, which includes a chance to win an amazing bundle of prizes. Or you can turn up on day, full of excitement, ready to chat, eat, dance and enjoy.


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