This Week I Have Been Mostly…(Week 18)

Bespoke Illustration Detail

I’ve had a quiet week this week. After being away from home last week, we returned to a flat we’ve just moved into and spent some time settling in.

I’ve been taking happy advantage of having my very own office. No longer do I have to take over a living room with my paper. I can set out my paper samples, box samples, pencils and all my other paper geekery, as well as my Mar-mouse and Mar-mat! The Illustration above is part of a larger one I’ve done some work on this week. It’s where a couple met, and a group of friends are clubbing together for a bespoke illustration that tells their story, that will be a wedding present. I’ve been working on few of these surprise collaborations recently, and they’re lovely.

I’ve been unpacking the last few boxes of spices and other kitchen things. Mr Story randomly uncovered a bag of flour packed inside the TV stand – presumably it got put there after several days of packing, when your only desire is to find somewhere, anywhere to put any of the objects you’re looking at.

Along with a nice settled week, designing and putting together a final rose order, I did have a couple of evening visitors. 

Pink Pickled Onions

Pink Pickled Onions

Cath came over for dinner on Wednesday and Nat came over on Friday – a lovely couple of evenings with wine and food and catch ups. In fact, for both evenings, I went to Thomasina Miers’ recipes. A trip to Wahaca a couple of weeks ago has reminded me of all the joy of tacos! Over the two meals, I made Autumn Tacos, filled with roast butternut squash and onions, and chorizo, and Winter Tacos with creamy greens, tarragon, as well as pink pickled onions and extremely garlicy guacamole, from Mexican Food Made Simple.

Making Apple Chutney

Making Apple Chutney

This weekend I’ve been at home, doing some work and pottering around, and making some chutney from the apples from my Gran’s house. I’ve been getting some work done because tomorrow I will spend most of the time travelling. Mr Story got a short work contract working in Toronto this week. We’d been talking about going away somewhere before my birthday at the end of September, but when this cropped up, we decided that I would go out and see him for a few days – taking advantage of a work-booked hotel in the middle of an exciting city. I’m very excited about it. The International Film Festival is going on in the streets around the hotel. I’ve already booked to see a couple of films, and in wandering around, Mr Story has already come across some tickets to see Ellie Goulding and a red carpet with Al Pacino on. There is a story-telling night, and I’ve booked a local greeter to tell me all about his favourite neighbourhood in the city. 

I leave tomorrow morning, and I’m looking forward to getting into a rhythm of drawing, designing and emails, breakfasts, exploring the city and evening hotel swims. We think Mr Story will be working a lot while I’m there, but we’re planning lunches and dinners, and evening swims to catch up and talk about the city. So now I need to make some dinner, before packing and checking everything off before leaving in the morning.