This Week I Have Been Mostly…

I don’t have too much to report this week. I’ve had quite a quiet week, with a lot of drawing and Mr Story being out of the house for 16 hours at a time, working hard. There have been lovely times too – a quick afternoon dip in Brockwell Lido today, dumplings and beer with two of my favourite people last night – at the extremely yummy Silk Road, and saying a quick late night hello to Anna, who lives on my street. She leaned out of her first-floor sitting room window as I walked home last night for a quick two minute catch up before she left for Latitude, and to throw me a couple of pairs of sandals she’d borrowed. I think she needs some kind of bucket and pulley system so I can leave her books and sandwiches and cake to hoist up.

But here is more about what I’ve been up to this week –

1. Puppet Makingphoto (44) photo (43)

Last week was my first day at a workshop course about Stop Frame animation. This week we spent the day working hard to make our own puppets. We twisted wire for the arms, and thicker wire for the legs and cut it, made each bendy finger and carved the feet and a lot more besides, before putting the puppet together with glue, sponge tummies and adding the head on top. The tutor also brought in a REAL LIFE ORIGINAL WOMBLE. I was very excited about this – as you can tell from the capitals. I also saw a naked Womble – just the interior workings. I am now working on covering my puppet in fabric. Unfortunately I seem to have chose a fabric that frays, so he might be a bit furry around the edges, but hopefully that will just add to his character. He has yet to be named, so when he’s no longer naked and furless, I will post a photo and maybe ask for name suggestions.


2. Drawing Botanical Inspired Illustrations

The Story House Peony A5 Table Plan Card

The Story House Hydrangea A5 Table Plan Card

The Story House Cornflower A5 Table Plan Card

Daisy A4 Table Name Card


Having put together their wedding invitations, Helly and Joe asked me to put together some illustrations inspired by botanical illustrations for their wedding Table Plan and their Table Names. I spent some time last week putting together 14 different designs. Here are some examples. Instagram being what it is, I knew I couldn’t miss out the Peony!


3. Getting Some Lovely Feedback

The Story House Esperanca Save the Date


It has been brilliant working with Esperanca and Francesco. I can say, in a field with a great deal of competition, Esperanca sends the cheeriest emails you’ve ever read. Her enthusiasm and personality just shine out of my email inbox. It was also lovely to put together all the different elements of their personality, exciting to see the package winging it’s way off to Dubai, and even lovelier to receive their amazing feedback –

‘We love it and are over the moon with how it all looks! …At the party, there will be peonies, baci chocs, a nod to Japan so I’m thrilled with how the card encapsulates all of it – it’s just great to see your work in print!’

I wish them such a happy day, celebrating their wedding in Tuscany.


Esperanca and Francesco Design The Story House



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