This Week I Have Been Mostly…

photo (33)

1. Enjoying My New Hair

So this photo obviously has a bright filter on it – apart from anything else, it’s pinker rather than bright red – but I’m really enjoying my colour change and develop as it gets washed and settles in. There are lots of tones and colours in my hair, and I really like pinning it up so you can the colours revealed through the strands. The colour also makes my messy head look a bit more like I mean it – messed up pink/plum hair looks like you’ve decided on it. Messed up mousey brown hair looks like frizz – that’s what I’ve decided to believe anyway!


The Story House Animals Illustration

2. Drawing Animals

I really loved putting together Tamara and Dirk-Jan’s invitation. They work internationally, in emerging and challenging countries, but Dirk-Jan ultimately ended up proposing when they were at home, in bed, one Sunday morning – which, in my opinion, is insanely romantic. Now I’m working on their Table Plan, which is based on an African savannah (they met in Kenya and working together in and on South Sudan), so I spent a lot of time drawing the animals on which their tables are based. I think the gorillas are my current favourite – sitting there, chilling out, basically wearing sunglasses. Who’s your favourite?


photo (32)

3. Drawing London

I was also working on a gift for a groom, later in the year, covering the places they’ve been as a couple, from where they met to proposal and marriage. One of the places they’ve been is Hoxton Square, so I’ve been drawing it too. Excuse the poor screen photo.


photo (31) photo (30)

4.  Looking at Some Lovely Illustrations and Lots of Other Artistic Stuff

On Sunday, Mr Story and I filled our day. We set the alarm, ready to head to Brockwell Lido. He bounced out of bed, got the swimming things together, made the tea, packed the suncream, etc., etc., while I felt stuck in bed, and stayed there with my tea as long as possible. Luckily I rallied some energy on the bus journey – I managed a rather slow but sunny jog around the beautiful Brockwell park before my swim. I completed a 10km about five weeks ago…and then stopped exercising for over four weeks, and now I can hardly put one foot in front of the other again. Oh well, I’ll just work up to it again.

After a gorgeous swim, a hot shower and train ride, we arrived in Granary Square, the new development by Kings Cross, for lunch and an Illustration Fair at the House of Illustration.

There are fountains, shooting up water at ground level in large spaces in the square, and there were many excited children running and splashing through the water, parents sitting, watching from deckchairs. We waited to eat at Caravan, whose esoteric queuing system means that Mr Story has announced we’re henceforth boycotting it.

Then we headed over to a the illustration fair. There were a lot of goodies on display. I saw Kate Rowland with her amazing Breaking Bad collection, and the collection of cards I picked up were from Abi Stevens – amazing colour, Robin Heighway-Bury (look at his London Print), Caroline Dowsett and her lovely food illustration, Gill Chantler and Marina Muun. The pipe smoking postcard in the centre is from Matthew Daniel Swan.

The work I truly and utterly fell in love with was by Hannah T Wheeler. It’s so delicate and gorgeous and touching. I love her faces, her text and her colour. I bought her greeting card, part of her ‘Made For Each Other’ range. A better image of the illustration and other pieces in the range are here. I want them all. I’m gushing and I don’t care!

photo 1 (2)

Hanging out with Quentin near Granary Square

Along side the illustration fair, there was the Central St Martins Summer Show. It was really interesting to see the Product Design displays, the Character Animation and Jewellery Design, but most of all I loved the building itself – full of huge open spaces and studios. I loved the way the different disciplines’ studios felt different; the animation studio was tucked away up some stairs, dark and full of screens. The Product Design studio was clean, white and bright, with a reception desk, like a fully functioning design agency.

5. Laughing at Jersey Boys

As part of our Sunday, Mr Story and I headed to the Peckham Plex to see the film version of the Jersey Boys. Mr Story works in the West End, so, on the scarce evenings he’s not working, he takes an interest in the shows that are on, and their film adaptations. It’s fair to say musicals are not my favourite genre, and Russell Crowe in Les Mis did little to persuade me in that direction. That said, I do like a little rock and roll, and I haven’t had a chance to perfect my Jersey accent since we finished the Sopranos, so I was generally optimistic about it. Also I bloody love Walk the Line – so a biopic rather than a true musical, with that random breaking into song, is much more up my street.

It’s fair to say we left the cinema pretty unconvinced by the film. I think this is a fair review, although I might go a star lower – it ends so very clunkily. When Mr Story and I left the cinema, we mostly discussed the bizarre moments that cracked us up, and whether they were on purpose or accidental. The terrible talcum powder covered ending (the universally acknowledged make up for being old) nearly pushed me over the edge to hysteria. Oh well, at least the actors got to do loads of big expressions and acting to camera at the end. I’m sure they enjoyed it.

If you’re interested in West End shows, two that I, as a non-muscials person, enjoyed were Matilda and Once, and as I’ve mentioned before, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is just about my favourite venue, and the sixties inspired adaptation of Hobson’s Choice on at the moment is definitely worth seeing. Porgy and Bess is on there next.



One thought on “This Week I Have Been Mostly…

  1. I love that you guys always go swimming. I also adore your animal drawings and the London drawing project sounds brilliant. You’re definitely rocking that pink hair 😉

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