This Week I Have Been Mostly…

hen do

1. Drinking cocktails and Dancing About

On Saturday afternoon, I caught a train out of London to celebrate Arnie’s Hen. We made cocktails – flamed orange peel over our Cosmopolitans and crushed the mint for our Mojitos, danced about, and woke up the next morning for a sauna and swim in the hotel. I spent the time, as you often do with a hen party, with people I’ve known since I was eleven, to people I’d met only that evening, which is an excellent combo. There’s something sort of strange and extra brilliant about doing the same things with people as you did when you were much much younger; dancing about a bit with Lell only served to remind me that she was probably one the first people I danced about with – in a barely decorated canteen at a Primary School disco, fuelled then by cans of Apple Tango and wearing our best Tammy outfits. I remember us being highly excited about her white flared sleeves moving in the disco strobe light.

Singing out the lyrics of the songs and holding our drinks aloft makes me think of just how many times we’ve done the same thing, holding Tango cans in Primary School and bottles of Reef at Sixth Form. There were memories of working at the huge work tables on our A Level art, and whispers of our Theatre Studies performances.

I noticed this a couple of months ago too; I went to the Christening of a school friend’s gorgeous Cerys (good name, don’t you think?), and standing in a line, singing hymns with people from school shot me right back to the school hall, at times singing loud, then faltering and getting distracted and stopping for no particular reason, watching someone catch the giggles at one end of the row and watching it spread along the row.

I see people from school or sixth form quite regularly, those who’ve also moved to London, but mostly we eat dinner or have drinks, so being socked with this kind of powerful memory, where you’re doing exactly the same thing with the same people, at a distance of 10 or 15 years, is quite rare, a bit disconcerting, and a lot of fun.

photo (9)

2. Pining after Plasticine

I went to my new local art shop, breathed in the oil-painty air, stroked the paper and pined after the Plasticine. I always pine after amazing paints and papers and pencils,  but plasticine is a new one! I mentioned before that I helped make a plasticine animation at the Pick Me Up fair. If you’d like to see the results, then it’s here. Mr Story and I also feature a lot in the Making Of video. That might be because I spent rather a lot of time there – in fact I went back to have another go! My mental plans for a new office (that may or may not appear somewhere in my future!) now include a standing desk for drawing, a special desk for wrapping, with rolls of brown paper, tape and ribbon, and a desk and camera and tripod for a bit of stop motion animation experimentation. My new office is going to need to be huge!

I really want to learn more about Stop Motion animation, and I’m looking at some summer courses.

The Story House Tuscany Illustration

3. Remembering holidays in Tuscany.

This week I’ve been working on an invitation for a couple having a big wedding party in Tuscany, and I’m pretty jealous! The illustration is a small sneak peak.

Mr Story and I went to Siena on holiday in 2011. As well as the city itself, we walked through the countryside, and it’s all so blummin’ beautiful. The greens and yellows of the hills, the stone of the buildings, and the amazing food and wines – I can’t think of a better place to gather all your favourite people together to eat, drink and be merry.

4. Getting back on my high horse!

This week I got on my high horse about wedding themes, and how it’s possible to you, yourselves, you and your partner as your theme, and nothing more. If you’d like to read more, click here.


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