How your wedding theme CAN just be you!

You Are My Chosen One


There are specific ways people react to certain situations.

Announce your engagement, and the reaction will normally be, ‘Oooo congratulations!’ followed by a hug, followed by ‘Let’s see the ring then!’

Mention wedding planning, and most people don’t have a huge number of references to ask about, so they’ll probably come up with ‘have you got a theme?’, or perhaps even, ‘what’s your colour scheme?’. It seems like a simple question – an easy one that comes to mind, where someone can show themselves to be interested in the wedding planning, before they know any of the specifics. But there are an increasing number of people for whom the answer to the question, ‘What’s your colour scheme?’ is ‘All of the ones I like’, or the answer to ‘What’s your theme?’, is ‘Ummm…well…us!’.

While there are plenty of gorgeous weddings with a specific emphasis on the travels of the happy couple, their love of literature, a particular era, or an amazing sci-fi geek out, there are many couples who include a little bit of all of these things, along with plenty of others. There is no particular need to come up with a single all defining theme any more. An eclectic collection of references can be styled together by a creative you, an exceedingly clever stylist or wedding planner, but do you know what? It doesn’t even need to be. Your guests will recognise all these eclectic elements as being so utterly and completely YOU. That is the coherent combining link that makes your wedding themed, with you and your partner.

You know all those weddings you see on the blogs with bonkers and brilliant ideas, from cats as bouquets to a belly dancing bride, the memorable bits are there because the couple have loved them, not because they’ve fit into a theme. They’re recognisably of the couple. This is obviously how the best themes work too; a mutual love of travel, of film, of 50’s rock n roll culture pervades the choices you make for your wedding. But why choose just one?

If your theme informs the choices you make, then making your theme ‘you’ is the easiest of all; you both choose the things that you love.

What’s your theme? Is it you? How have people reacted to that?


If your theme IS you, then have a look at my bespoke wedding stationery – designed all about you.


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