Why you definitely ARE interesting enough for bespoke or alternative wedding design

Lucy and Steve   It truly astounds me how often this scenario happens. I’m standing at a wedding fair, talking through my bespoke designs and describing the process, from questionnaire to completion in a few easy steps. I show the couple in front of me the designs, and what I’ve drawn for previous couples, and get a very enthusiastic response. The couple peer over the invitation in their hands, picking out details and smiling, and I tell them a little about the couple and why the details are there. The couples smile, excited that it’s all possible, and then one of them says, ‘Oh…I don’t know if we’re interesting enough for these.’ Can you believe it? I definitely can’t! But it happens really regularly. And there is not a single reason why anyone should even begin to feel like that. There has been such a surge of choice and celebration of personality and difference within the wedding industry over the last few years, which is utterly brilliant, but it seems that it has left some people worried that their story or wedding is not quite exciting or different or alternative enough. The brilliant Offbeat Bride and Rock n Roll Bride have also addressed the issue, and they’re definitely worth reading for some inspiration, but let me tell you what I tell those two people standing in front of my at the wedding fair. Firstly, this could be my fault a little. I often tell couples that I’ve drawn Poirot, orang-utans, brides in bikinis, giraffes, bats and dinosaurs as part of my invitations. But the idea is not to list all the exciting things I’ve been asked for. Those were not all drawn for one exciting, international, James Bond style couple. A groom loved bats, a couple met at Crystal Palace dinosaur park, a couple went on Safari, a bride works in lingerie design. I list those things to explain that I’ll pretty much try and incorporate anything into the design. I also draw tea cups, cakes, books, bowls of spaghetti, roses, flowers, churches, and all sorts of normal things and beautiful and wonderful wedding things. The majority of my clients met at work, and then online. They met in offices, over computer screens and in normal awkward rainy first dates. And I love it! You know those invitations looked packed full of exciting things? That’s because I work hard and my clients work hard to find the details that they love. I ask them and they send me photos and descriptions of particular things that are meaningful to them. This doesn’t mean they live their lives with all this interest displayed and decorating their every day lives or worn in their hair. They’ve just mentioned it, and I’ve put it amongst flower wreaths and borders, fitted it all together. With the interests of two people, combined like this, you end up with something distinctive and colourful, and packed full of personality. This is what happens overall with a personality-packed wedding too; whether it’s DIY or a creative wedding supplier, couples squeeze in references to their favourite film, their favourite book, their favourite food, the fact that one of them has always been randomly obsessed with unicorns in their decor, their cake or their favours. Put it all together and it looks like an intimidatingly individual couple, blasting their fabulous personalities in your face. But you can do it to; make a list of all the little things you love and you’ll fill pages and pages. If you choose to put them all in your wedding, then it will look just like you. You ARE that exciting and interesting and full of things that you love. But, finally, an example – I recently completed a design for a couple who do live interestingly; they met abroad, they travel for their work, which is interesting and high powered. They spend their time between various different international cities. There was a lot of exciting things to draw. But do you know where the groom proposed? In bed, one morning, at home. And it was the most touching bit to my mind, and I loved drawing it. It was brilliant. So, if you find yourself wondering if your story will look as interesting when illustrated, the answer is yes. Definitely, without a doubt. And I can’t wait to draw it.   If you’d like to find out more about bespoke wedding stationery click here or contact me.

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