This Week I have been mostly…

Empty Flat Selfie

  • Moving House – Last week I was listening to a radio programme about micro-living, in specially designed tiny places. At the end of the programme, they announced the size of them – 6 square metres bigger than our flat! So apparently we were doing mini-micro living, but by God, did we fit a lot of stuff in! After days of packing up boxes, I never want to look at another roll of parcel tape, or pile of stuff yet to be packed again! Unfortunately, where we live now is only a temporary stop off before we find a more permanent home, so that roll of parcel tape will be reappearing very soon.
photo (6)

Chosen Wedding Fair Stand


  • Chatting to some lovely people at the Chosen Wedding Fair – On Sunday I headed to Islington, to set up a stand at this lovely wedding fair. I did my usual, and packed every single thing that could possibly be needed, including a tin of paint, rolls and rolls of washi tape and even more parcel tape. I also brought along my battery powered glue gun (yes they exist, yes they are amazing), and rashly promised it’s use to Natalie and Guy, before realising the one thing I didn’t remember was the extra battery! Dammit! Fate is not always kind to crafters. As well as dribbling like a design-addict at the Curious Events stand, and the Chic Candy stand, I ate cake from Lorna, admired Faith’s dresses, and stroked the beautiful pages of Peach and Jo’s wedding albums before she asked me to kindly step away. Luckily, that’s not a euphemism, and I controlled myself. The pages were beautiful though, and I can’t guarantee I won’t rub them again.
  • Being jealous of a female double-bassist – At the Chosen Wedding Fair, the Milkshakers made my morning with a bit o’ Johnny Cash and Elvis, but mostly with their quiffed up double-bassist. I have random ambition to learn Double Bass. This is based on complete lunacy – I have never learnt a stringed instrument, they’re huge, and I don’t know if I can keep a rhythm together. But I shall still imagine myself, quiff, triple denim, swinging and spinning a bass. That’s what I’ll do when I grown up.
photo (9)

Plasticine Man Being Animated


  • Making Plastacine stop-frame animation – Me and Mr Story went to Pick Me Up on Monday. Given we’d just moved house and I’d worked the weekend, it wasn’t the best timing, but I chose Monday specifically because I knew there was a chance to play with plasticine. An artist and animator called Andy Martin was there, teaching us how to animate with a little stop frame plasticine. Me and Mr Story hunched over the desk, modelling with the stuff – it still smells of Primary school and migrates it’s way into the edges of your finger nails in the way I remembered – and now I’m obsessed. I went back and had a second go too, just because. I definitely want to do more of that. It stretched my brain in a different way than usual, and started me thinking of lots of ideas, and so now I’ve decided to become the Spielberg of plasticine – definitely.
  • Organising my Pinterest Boards – Hardly a bit of admin to be proud of, but very satisfying organisation, without tiring your arms out with carrying boxes of real stuff. I had a lot of fun re-categorising and naming my boards. Have a look to see what you think. My current favourite boards are my Pop Art Wedding board – inspired by one of my latest designs, and by God, does colour make me happy. I love bright colours so much. Hypocritically, after that comment, my second favourite board is my new collection of Kraft – I am currently working on some Kraft stationery, and I forget how good it is – a simple line in black or white looks SO good on it. I could eat it all up! Although, it may be gorgeous, but I reckon it’s probably all tasteless fibre.



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