‘A Glorious Guide to Being A Mum’

2014-03-05 at 15-21-52


It’s a little intimidating putting together a guide to being a mum, not being one myself. That said, I have also put together a guide to getting married, and I’m not that either! Never let a little inexperience in the matter hold you back!

That said, in the designing of my new guide to being a mum, I have been reading a lot of Mum blogs and gaining inspiration from a lot of first-hand experience that way. Obviously, I can also hark back to the dim and distant past, when I was the irritating individual scrawling things on the walls and furniture – I remember writing everything was ‘brill’, because I was as yet unable to spell brilliant. It’s nice to know that I was so concerned about spelling, even as a six year old!

Number five, and the need to gain the strength of a weightlifter, was also somewhat influenced by being given a lovely little Cerys to hold at a Christening a couple of weeks ago. They may look tiny and cute those tots, eh? She certainly did. But they do put a surprising strain on the arms, to the uninitiated.

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So, Mums, what have I missed from my guide? Or are there any points in the list that really resonate?

If you’d like to buy your own Glorious Guide to Being a Mum, it’s available here.