It may seem like a long time ago now, especially after today’s sunny morning, but I had such a lovely Christmas and New Year. After travelling until the beginning November last year, and seeing something different every day, it was so nice to stay at home with just Mr Story, and have a quiet Christmas. Mr Story works on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, so Christmas is generally a palaver, trying to get to and from wherever we are are spending the single day. This time we got to stay at home, relax, share some bubbly, cook dinner together and consume a large amount of roast potatoes – perfect.

Part of the reason why I was so excited about the New Year was that I had booked a couple of courses to begin in January. I really recommend this as a way of feeling like you’re getting stuck into the New Year. It gives you a good chance to feel like you’re moving onwards and upwards, and doing something interesting to pull you out of the Christmassy slump.

I booked a 12 week business course, which I’m currently in the middle of. It sounds like it should be boring – it covers different business structures, accounting, taxes, and all that jazz, but it’s so interesting. And it means I can now ask more informed sceptical questions to the TV when Dragon’s Den is on. It makes me want to ask every business owner about their business structure and I can read about tax scandals with a little more understanding. That’s living the dream, right? I like it anyway.

The other course I booked was a Photoshop course. I use Photoshop just about every day, but I’m completely self taught, and I wanted to feel really confident in using it, and knowing everything I could do with it. I’ve just finished the last week of my Photoshop course and I’ve learnt a lot.

The Story House Collaged Birthday Card

We had two projects at the end of the course – one greetings card and one album cover, showing our use of the skills we learnt. Although I have designed a lot of greetings cards in my time, I wanted to use the opportunity to design in a way that I don’t do on a day to day basis. In fact, I found my way back to my design roots! A couple of years ago, I was working on collaged cards using vintage paper. Since then, I’ve concentrated on illustration, drawing stylee, but it was fun to work on collage style again too. Keep an eye out – there might be some more collage work on the horizon, and more importantly on my Not On The High Street shop.

Yeah So Album Cover The Story HouseThe next project was working on an album cover. I’ve been loving a bit of unlimited Spotify recently, and listening to a lot of bands that I haven’t listened to before. One of the bands that has popped up on my Spotify radio and then been listened to a lot is Slow Club, so I decided to put together an album cover design for them. I tried to combine my free hand drawing, with a portrait of the band and the collage style I’ve come to remember and love.

What do you think?

These courses have been at City Lit, and I highly recommend their courses. If you’re in London and want to learn, have a looksie. I’m currently looking for my next course and being highly tempted by a nice Graphic Novel one, or perhaps Illustrator, to really get a handle on my drawing progs.


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