A Map of Two Lives


Fran contacted me to see if I could put together an illustration to surprise James with on their wedding day. Luckily I could, because James is a map lover, and so am I. I can’t claim to be at all knowledgeable or informed about maps, I just know I’ve always loved drawing them. Something about the symbols, the lines, the muted colours and the text really appeals to me.  I remember my Dad helping me pour out a whole pot of cold tea over a big pirate-style map I’d drawn for homework at Primary School. 

Luckily I didn’t go down this traditional route for discolouring some sugar paper for my map for Fran and James. Instead I stuck to some muted blues and greens, and added sea monsters, galleons and scrolls, as well as an Australian ‘Big Thing’, which sound brilliantly bonkers.

Fran emailed me to let me know how much everyone, James included, had loved the illustration and its unveiling during her wedding speech. Congratulations to you both.