It All Started with Dancing in the Rain…


Growing up in the sticks wasn’t exactly chock to the brim with excitement in some ways – waiting for a film to hit the single screen cinema for its allocated week is not something that only happened in the 1950s y’know. But at least space was readily available. And by space I mean random bits of field where you can set up bits of tent, camp out with friends and even, if the mood took you in that direction, dance about a bit.

I smiled a big wide grin when Louise emailed me through her story, and told me about a camping birthday party that ended with dancing about in the rain in the small wee hours, and probably beyond. It also ended with the much more significant meeting of a particular fella called Chris.

She ordered the illustration to surprise him with at their June wedding in Brighton, and I hope that there was more dancing till the small wee hours then.

Congratulations Louise and Chris.