On the Road

Roses 021

So, rather strangely, the time has come, and tomorrow morning if all goes well, Mr Story and I will climb aboard a flight and head to Beijing. From there we will travel overland and end up in Istanbul by November. This is all rather strange, and, despite being highly anticipated, still doesn’t seem like it will happen.

If you do want to follow our adventures, Mr Story has set up a blog here.

The Story House will be taking queries, questions and of course orders, so if you would like to order anything to be made or designed from 11th November onwards, then please do use the contact form or contact the lovely Lorna directly at lorna@story-house.co.uk.

I am so happy to have Lorna onboard. We met at school, probably about 14 years ago now, and sang along to Eminem’s Christmas number one, and ate Malted Milk biscuits on the way to school. It was an unexpected and happy side-effect of going away that we got back in touch and caught up.

Lorna has a great deal of office experience – hence my huge relief and happiness with handing The Story House over to her for the next few months – but excitingly she is now working full time as a Soprano. She is a hugely talented singer, so if you do happen to be looking for a singer for your wedding, do look at her website.

So, I’ll see you all in November but do keep an eye out on the blog and our Facebook page before then, as Lorna will be updating regularly.