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Hurrah – exciting and happy news.  Firstly it doesn’t involve product launches, engagements or pregnancy – it’s far more exciting than that!

Those eagle-eyed Twitter followers may have noticed that at the end of last year I tweeted that Mr Story and I had booked a trip overland. We will be travelling from Beijing to Istanbul from the beginning of August to mid-November. Yep, overland, bumping around roads through China, and through more ‘stan’ ending countries than I can currently remember the full name of, across the Caspian sea (I hope it’s as Narnia-like as in my head), mounds of Georgian cheese bread, and ending in Istanbul after, a satisfyingly round 100 days of travel.  There will be yurts, there will be mountains, there will be practical footwear, and, apparently, there will be disconcertingly large amounts of mutton fat. Yum. It’s all confirmed – as long as enough other people want to do it too!

Those clients I have been working with may have noticed a strange eagerness on my part to complete orders by the end of July. Indeed, I am still taking orders, so if you’ve just been thinking about ordering something, go ahead now and contact me! Additionally, do contact me about orders you would like to receive at the end of the year. I am scheduling work from mid-November onwards already.

As a result of this trip, I will also be recruiting some administrative help for the period I am away. If you would like to earn a little every week for 15 weeks, and end up with a nice pot of money just in time for Christmas, then click here for more details, and do apply.


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