Christening – Bespoke Illustration

Bespoke Christening IllustrationA few weeks ago I had the loveliest email from Helen. I went to school with Helen’s sister Sarah, and when Helen was looking for a gift for a Christening, Sarah was kind enough to mention me and a bespoke illustration as a possibility.

Helen contacted me, and, happily, we organised the bespoke illustration. This was lovely for several reasons – firstly it gave me my first Christening present commission, which I loved. I am sort of glad it was for a boy, to remind me to chose my colours carefully and challenge me to make it pretty and celebratory, but not too feminine.

Secondly, I love the idea that this illustration will be something in the family’s house in the years to come. Something that will be familiar to Tristan and Gabriel, even remind them of home.

Finally, doing this job has been repeatedly a happy excuse to be in contact with people from school and colleges – I hear about their happy events more than just through photos appearing on my Facebook feed but being contacted to get involved. Over the period of producing a bespoke wedding invitation or illustration, I do feel like I really get to know a couple and their personalities,  but it’s always nice to start from that position from the very beginning – affection, and joy in their happiness.

I really like being in contact with people from a long time ago. I really enjoy seeing how those people that you knew as a teenager, and their siblings in the years above and below who knew you too, have grown up, married, had children and moved on to different things – watching the evolution of a family I suppose, as everyone becomes an adult, with hints of the teenager they were. And of course, it’s good to be involved in the evolution events too.