How To Order Bespoke

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For a lot of people, a wedding will be their first opportunity and happy excuse to order something to be designed from scratch, especially for them.

Having something designed is a brilliant way of having something personalised especially for you, whether it’s your dress, your wedding stationery or your accessories. However, when you’re not ordering off the peg, the amount of choices can be daunting, and you can feel a bit lost about what to expect or the design process.

So here are a few tips about ordering bespoke, to make the process easier.

1. Work out what you like.

The great thing about ordering bespoke is that you can choose something that is special to you and collaborate with your supplier to come up with something you love. To start this process, it’s a good idea to establish what you like. You can think of words to describe the look that you’re going for, whether it’s rustic vintage or minimalist and modern.

Another good way of doing this is to come up with a collection of images of things that you like, or that contain design aspects you like. Pinterest is one easy way of doing this, but do beware of Pinterest fatigue and wedding craft jealousy – there is verging on too much wedding inspiration on there!

Also, be very aware of copyright of the images and design you find on the internet. Be careful how you use images and bear in mind – a good designer will never copy someone else’s work and don’t ask them to do so. Apart from anything else, requesting a copy is not making full use of an exciting bespoke service that you are paying for.

2. Do your research.

Look for the right supplier for you. Choose wedding blogs that suit your style, as they will pick their featured suppliers with their readers in mind.

Once you’ve found a designer you like, check if they fit your budget. Look through their website and their previous designs to make sure you’ve found someone who does things that you love. Picking someone who consistently designs things you like means you can relax and trust their design skills to do the same again for you.

3. Talk to and listen to your supplier.

Now you know what you like, and you have your chosen your supplier, you can combine the two! Tell and show the supplier what you’re looking for. This will let them know your expectations from the beginning. It will allow them to quote you accurately the cost and time required to achieve what you’re looking for.

Be careful to listen to your supplier. They should be telling you if your expectations are achievable and they may be giving you new exciting ideas that have never even crossed your mind. We designers love a good challenge and chance to think of new ways of doing things and coming up with ideas.

They should also be telling you what to expect from the process; how long you can expect to wait for your design, what chances you have for feedback, and whether you can expect samples etc.

4. Allow enough time.

Bespoke work generally takes longer than off the peg design. It’s always worth contacting a supplier to check if they’re able to turn things around quickly, but to really enjoy the design process and allow enough time for feedback, I do suggest ordering your bespoke goods as soon as you can. You can relax knowing your designs are all in place and being made in good time, rather than biting all your fingernails off, worrying. It’s also the best way of making sure your chosen supplier has room in their schedule for you. If you’re not sure how far in advance you need to order, contact your chosen supplier.

5. Enjoy yourself!

Have fun – this may be one of the few times that have something designed and made especially for you. Enjoy the process and the results.