Story House Spotlight – Rose Garland Range

Rose Garland 1

Mr Story and I jokingly refer to my job as ‘colouring in’. Don’t worry, we joke about his job too!

Of course, the majority of time I am at the computer, photoshopping, emailing, formatting, data-basing, ordering, or, when I’m really lucky, spread-sheeting. Sometimes though, I do do some colouring. I love coloured pencils for the texture of the colour and shading, that is difficult to get any other way.

I really re-discovered pencils at an illustration course last year. I hadn’t used them for years, and then, once I’d rediscovered them, they hardly left my hands. I’ve now become a person that spends more on pencils than she would on shoes – although it’s only fair to say I’ve never spent that much on shoes – and who gets worried about dropped pencils and broken leads.

The Story House Wedding Invitation bespoke

So when Charmaine, an English rose, asked me for a bespoke design that was classic, and pretty enough to fit with her 18th Century venue, I pulled out my colouring pencils.

I wanted to repeat the feel and finish of Charmaine’s design to offer the same thing as a Personalised Wedding Invitation. And so I drew the Rose Garland range.

Rose Garland 2