The Story House Spotlight – Paper Roses

Roses 021

As well as working on my new Personalised Wedding Stationery, last week I put together a couple of bespoke bouquets.

A few weeks ago a lovely lady contacted me about producing a map bouquet – all as usual. She requested Yorkshire map, if possible. I don’t generally guarantee areas for map, and she said she didn’t mind. As I sat down, glue gun and enormous hole punch in hand, ready to make, I suddenly remembered some amazing maps I’d found a long time ago in a Charity Shop and put aside because they were a bit unusual. I thought I’d double check, and – hurrah! – an amazing old Esso map of Northern England, and a whole lot of Yorkshire was among the pile. The saturated colours and bold lines were quite different to the usual muted tones of the map I use, and I think the effect is amazing. What a beautiful blue.

Roses 022

Later that week I was making a bouquet for a friend. It was for an anniversary gift, as he charmingly commented, ‘I thought it would be nice to get something a little less emphemeral than the usual bunch of regular, living breathing flowers.’ And even better than that, since he wasn’t sure what paper to use, he said I could use whatever I liked. Well, now that’s an invitation to go to second hand bookshops and find the prettiest paper I can, which is definitely something to be excited about. The paper I found was a book of Wild Flowers. The idea of flowers made from flowers really appealed to me, and I was really happy with the results.