Story House Spotlight – Cycling Together

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It cannot be said that I am an unreserved lover of bikes. One of my first cycling memories is being in the basket of my Dad’s bike and being ridden down a slope a really fast, which was pretty damn brilliant. I also loved my tricycle hugely. However, the move to two wheels was a little more traumatic. I taught myself to ride a bike, after going round and round a bit of yard in my friend Lell’s garden and not balancing most of the time. Lell and her little brother being encouraging was as much tuition or encouragement as I got, and I am still far too wobbly to happily cycle on roads.

However, I have started to love meeting friends in Hyde Park and pedalling fiercely past the Serpentine, wind in hair and over taking the even wobblier tourists, slowing along Kensington Gardens for a chat and a coffee.

Cycling Together 1

As well as new love of peddling about, I think bikes look lovely, and the structure of them is really fun to draw. You can colour them however you like, and I’m sure there are lots of lovely couples who’d love to see them on their wedding stationery. I like to make the stationery personal rather than ‘wedding themed’, and hopefully these fit that bill.

Cycling Together