Charmaine and Fraser


It’s such a pleasure to finally show you all Charmaine and Fraser’s wedding invitation.

Charmaine first contacted me in May last year,  to check if I would do her invitations. She checked in every couple of months to let me know she hadn’t forgotten, and to let me know how wedding planning was coming along. She told me about her beautiful 18th century venue, and her wish to combine roses and thistles in her design. It was clear she wanted something romantic and beautiful.

I would also at this moment to take full credit for introducing the lovely bride to Pinterest. When she was thinking about her invitation, Charmaine wanted to show me what she liked, and Pinterest was the answer. I haven’t actually checked if searching weddings on Pinterest took over her life – maybe I wouldn’t want the credit after all.

Armed with Pinterest board and questionnaire, I went to work. As well as the need to be romantic and pretty, I was influenced by re-discovering coloured pencils on a great illustration course at City Lit, an adult education college in central London. I really enjoyed using them to get a lovely soft finish, vintage-inspired and pretty, as requested.

After reading Charmaine and Fraser’s questionnaire, the theme popped out at me – they met at a pub called ‘The Old Post Office’, and keeping in touch, letter writing ‘blueys’, had been very important for them, so I put together a series of envelopes for them, surrounded by English roses and Scottish thistles entwined.

Have a fabulous day, Charmaine and Fraser x

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