I’ve been giving my website a bit of a makeover over the last couple of weeks. It’s like having a spring clean, or moving your furniture around – you know when you’ve done it everything feels new and exciting and better, but within about 10 minutes, you can’t put your finger on how exactly it was before.

I was working on it last week, while visiting my old stomping ground in the shire, and experienced the strangeness of this summer. I spent one day lying on blankets, in the sun, knocking shuttlecocks about with rubbish racquets, brainstorming business with Mr Moll and accidentally tinging my shoulders pink.

The next day, I was trapped in doors as rain poured from the sky, wrapped with the blankets around my legs and next to an open fire, writing content, eating cake and drinking tea.

While working through the website, I realised I didn’t have very many photos of my greetings cards. Since each one is made just once, an individual collage rather than something that can be reproduced, I mostly make them and send them off to be bought and sent without recording each one. So, the next time I put an order together, I asked Mr Moll, my photographer-extraordinaire, to take some images. I hope you like them.


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