Zombies, Hot dogs and Other Blog Posts

I think I’m probably the only person who hasn’t spent the last three days constantly lying prostrate on a piece of grass, gently burning themselves and main-lining some kind of cool alcoholic liquid. I have work to blame for the first couple of neglectful days – finishing my shifts late, when the air was still balmy and smelt like holidays, but lying on a grassy knoll was out of the question. Today, I only have myself to blame. I am enjoying open windows and cool breezes and watching the communal gardens outside. However, my hormones have gone a bit bonkers, so my body temperature has rocketed. Not wanting to risk some sort of heat implosion,I’m stuck inside, enjoying the weather from the flat. I’m not entirely disappointed though; coping with hot weather has never been a forte of mine. Unless swims are involved. I’m hoping the weather lasts until Monday, when I have another day off, so we can go swimming in the Hampstead pools.

So here are a few things I’ve been enjoying over the last week or two –

  • Enormous Salads. One of my favourite parts of summer is finding tasty things to add to the enormous plates of salad I put away. Current favourites are boiled egg, toasted sunflower seeds, whole packets of smoked salmon, crunchy green beans, beetroot and gherkins.
  • Hot dogs. Inspired by Big Sis, and to eat while watching the last two episodes of The Wire, we spent last Sunday making Hot Dogs, with home roasted chips and smoked applewood cheese. The star of the show was definitely Dan Lepard’s Hot Dog rolls. I cannot begin to recommend them enough. They tasted AMAZING. I don’t like capitals, but these are necessary. They have a chewiness and a savouriness that is beautiful to behold.
  • Being inspired to run away and live outdoors, like Kate, and her new blog ‘We Built This Nest‘.


  • Ordering a map of Skye and receiving it, to make the prizes for Jules, the Moll and Mostin competition winner. Jules is currently running a competition to design a button, as part of a tattoo. Have a look here for more details.
  • Playing records.
  • Making a collection of buttonholes for a wedding on Friday 13th.
  • Getting involved in wedding blogging with Under the Vintage Veil. And looking forward to the celebration of one year of the blog – the ‘Veil Bash’!
  • Admiring Madi, for sticking to May Draw a Day, and illustrating and posting every day. Have a look at the results here.

  • Visiting the Zombie Collective Pop Up Shop at the Hayward Gallery. It’s nautically themed, and there for full of exciting and tempting things. In fact, Mr Moll and I were so tempted, we succumbed and bought a print. This is not unknown for us; we love a print. Our walls are getting quite full, but we thought we could probably fit this one in. And excitingly, when we came home, we found if we moved things about, then we could fit in a whole load more. The print we went for is the beautiful layered coloured fish and snorkeller piece by the extremely talented Frann Preston-Gannon. It reminds us of good times swimming and snorkelling in Greece.  It took a while for me to get into snorkelling. I had a bad experience first time round, when someone failed to actually explain how to do it! I kept swimming too deep and inhaling water. Once I got the hang of it, it was brilliant. Shame my face in a snorkel is not as attractive as the print though, eh?




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