The Wedding Craft Pound Shop Challenge Part Three – The Sweet Table

So far in the Wedding Craft Pound Shop Challenge series, I have covered favours and signage. Today, I went to the Pound Shop, looking for something to have within the venue. After wandering around the shop for a little while, I thought of making some kind of display for a Sweet table. Sweet tables have become really popular for weddings. Taking the place of a traditional sit-down dessert, and sometimes instead of a traditional large cake, a table of sweets, cakes or deserts is a brilliant way of having a beautiful display in your venue, and pleasing a whole variety of guests at the same time. Increasing focus on the personal style of the couple means that you can have a whole load of fun, planning and including all your favourite things.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t seeing the sweets in the Pound shop that made me think about doing something for a Sweet table – it was a plain white plastic storage basket.

White Storage Basket - £1.00

It seemed a good size and shape, so I picked it up. Painting it matt white did cross my mind – I generally believe in painting most things matt white, but decided to desist on this occasion. Time to be a little more creative I thought.

In the gardening section of the Pound Shop, I came across a vegetable storage bag. Hurrah – my chance to be creative, I thought. This is probably not a thought that crosses many the mind of an afternoon shopper in a Poundshop looking at a vegetable storage bag. However, it is made of jute, and jute, or burlap, is a really good thing to look out for if you’re looking for crafty touches at your wedding. It’s really inexpensive, readily available, versatile and a brilliant rustic texture. Just having it about the room signals you’ve come over bit rustic – perfect for the summer outdoorsy wedding.

Two Cotton Tea Towels - £1.00, One Jute Vegetable Storage Bag - £1.00

If you’re using something like burlap, a bit rough and ready, it’s important to couple it with something more delicate and clean looking. I’ve chosen white cotton and candy-striped cotton tea towels. It’s this contrast of colour and textures that will work well, and help your venue look carefully crafted, rather than a bit of a farmyard accident. If you’ve been keeping up to date with the Wedding Pound Shop Challenge, you can see that I am a definite fan of having whites (cotton, painted surfaces) and neutrals (brown paper, luggage tags, newsprint) as the main colours, with splashes of candy colours or pastels. This way you can tie everything together with inexpensive white cotton, ribbon and paint, and neutral touches, and spend your money on the splashes of colour that will really be noticed.

Or, for your detail and splashes of colour, you can do what I did this time, and head to Primarni. Now, I admit, this is breaking the rules a little. This is, afterall, named the Pound Shop Challenge for a reason. But, after heading there to buy a pair of black flats for work (and accidentally simultaneously purchasing some stripey blue and white espadrilles – I blame the weather), I saw a beautiful head band, complete with small pink roses. It was advertised as being £2.00, but came up as £1.00 at the till. I feel happy that I’ve kept to the spirit of the Pound Shop challenge, if not the letter.

Rose Headband - £1.00

If you don’t want to do anything crafty with them, they make really nice actual headbands too! Perfect for bridesmaidsy heads.

The last things I bought were some sweets – definitely necessary and some little bowls to rest them in

Sweet packets - £1.00 each, 4 Bowls - £1.00

So the method –

1) Put the plastic basket into the jute bag. The jute bag is a cover, so it’s basically a matter of moving the basket around and pulling the jute around it, until it is well covered. Use staples to hold the jute in place. My stapler gave up half way through this – the stapler being the problem rather than the jute. Given the woven nature of the fabric, I think using something that goes through the weave, like staples, cable ties or even kirby grips, holds burlap in place better than tape or glue.

2) Unfasten/pull apart the headband, so that you have one length of roses, rather than a circle. Take this length and lay it across the front of the basket. The headband I used was perfect – wired and malleable – which meant that I didn’t need to use anything to fasten it to the jute-covered box. I just wound the ends into the corners of the box.

3) Fill the bottom of the box with something to bulk it out. I used a couple of pillow cases, but if you’re making a few of these for your sweet table, you might want to reserve them for your bed. You could use anything – tissue paper, bubble wrap or scrunkled up newspaper.

4) Lay the tea towels on top of the bulk. I used two tea towels – one plain white and one striped. I used the plain white one at the front. As mentioned above, it’s a good contrast with the jute, whilst the striped one adds a splash of colour and works well with the multi-coloured sweets.

5) Settle the bowls into the box. I could only fit two, but it obviously depends on the size of your basket and your bowls. Also, you don’t need to do this. If you are happy to, you can layer your sweets straight onto the tea towels. The bowls are useful to keep the sweets in place, especially if they are smaller or unwrapped.

6) Place your sweets in the bowls. I’ve also added a luggage tag on the side, ‘Eat Me’, to encourage guests to dig in.

The finished article –

You could use the same instructions for a variety of sizes of basket, to create a brilliant display of sweets. The trick in this type of display is multiple sizes and multiple heights. It gives real sense of plenty and variety. If you are planning to have cake pops or large lolly pops, try placing a piece of florist’s sponge in the bottom of the basket, to hold the lolly sticks.


2 thoughts on “The Wedding Craft Pound Shop Challenge Part Three – The Sweet Table

  1. hi i have just read your craft pound shop challenge part3…… really intreating.
    please could you email me part 1 and 2… and if possible any further ideas. i thought it was amazing and not being very creative ….i can now learn to be!!!
    many thanks……………julie

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