Luggage Label Bunting

Recent readers might have picked up on my recent love for luggage labels. They featured in my Wedding Craft Pound Shop challenge. I used them liberally at my stall at the Miss Vintage Wedding Affair. In fact, lots of brides were poring over them – my luggage labels with hand-stamped lettering – and taking them as inspiration.

I thought it would be nice to take that a bit further, and use them as bunting or signage. Each vertical luggage label is perfect to be painted with a flower, word or letter. You can spell out ‘Congratulations’, lovely phrases, quotes or lyrics, like my own above, or signage, for your table of sweets or puddings.

Or perhaps, at your venue, string a length of cotton ribbon at your venue. Put together a little table of luggage labels, letter stamps, pens and paints. You could cover some in map, or buy different coloured labels. Then let your guests write their messages of love and luck on the labels, and hang them from the ribbon. Let them help decorate your venue. Their writing, their details and messages will look beautiful, and you’ll be left with a little set of messages and mementos, easily put in a beautiful box and kept. Perfect for a travel-themed wedding and one with an alternative look.


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