There’s nothing like a good Kilner


I have a confession to make. I’m a bit addicted to Kilner style storage jars. I wish I could claim this as a practical addiction, one that has arisen through an extremely productive kitchen, producing chutneys and jams and preserves. Not the case I’m afraid – although actually if anyone has a good chutney recipe please pass it this way – I’ve discovered bought chutney is so sweet it’s basically jam. One with a bit of chilli and spice would be appreciated. Anyway, my Kilner addiction is all to do with the jars themselves, and not to do with their contents.

It started in a practical way. I made mincemeat for Christmas and foolishly completed a whole recipe, including several kilos of dried fruit. Despite leaving half of the mincemeat at a friend’s house, I still had a lot, and decided to split it into jars to pass along and give away. I found that Argos sold them at reasonable prices (nothing to declare – no Argos affiliation I promise) , and the rest is history.

I’ve been buying them regularly ever since – firstly for the kitchen, and then on Saturday, for storage. I was doing a big sort out, and was bored of all the bits and pieces. I had images of all my different little pieces of fabric piled up in a tall storage jar, so I popped over to Argos and bought a box of four. I now have one with make up, one with hair bits and pieces, one with fabric, and finally, one with little keepsake objects.

I’m presuming, since you’re here, you like craft or vintage, and are therefore likely to like acquiring little objects too. Little memories of different times, that sit on your shelves and look lovely, but also gather dust and, if you tend towards the clutter side of life, along with your other things, end up piling up. I thought of putting these things in the jar just as a place to collect, and now having done so, I really love the way they look; random, collected and visible through the glass. A sitting record of many memories, now an object in itself. Recommended.



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