So, how did you two meet?

It’s a real privilege to work with people on their storybook style wedding invitations. I get to know all the details of their meeting and courtship, the confusions and obstacles that have been overcome in order for them to reach the point at which they’re arranging their wedding. It teaches me various things. Firstly, someone can spring from anywhere. Rare are the traditional stories of a simple series of dates, staying together comfortably until the time is right; more common are confused beginnings, sudden realisations, long distances, waits and obstacles overcome by, as one bride really beautifully put it, ‘the quiet knowledge that it’s meant to be.’ I say someone can spring from anywhere, but based on my last few invitations, I’d say work seems to be the most reliable place to look!

And so it was with the lovely Kate and Brian. They met in the cramped and busy environment of an extremely successful cafe. Kate contacted me after Lauren, a brilliant wedding photographer and extremely friendly and supportive person, passed on my details. Having passed emails back and forth with extra details and questions, I feel like I got to know Kate really well. We began the design process at the end of last year, and then yesterday, I came home to find an envelope on my doorstep, with a copy of the invitation inside. They had them printed, beautifully I might say, in the States, so they flew me a sample. It was so exciting to think about the invitations hitting hundreds of doorsteps, with the tale of their relationship.

I think, sometimes, at a wedding, you often know one of the couple. You’ve seen photos of the other half on Facebook, or heard snippets of their story. But there’s something really lovely, as an old friend of one half, a cousin or another distant relative, to read and know the story of the celebration that you’re attending.

And here’s the story of Kate and Brian –

Title Page



One thought on “So, how did you two meet?

  1. I absolutely love this! Such a great and creative idea and so personal. I’ll definitely be getting involved soon! X

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