Illustrated Valentine

Admittedly it is a little dangerous to mention Valentine’s Day again. We’ve only just started to give a sigh of relief after the pink and fluffy, heart-patterned period of time. In order to even it out then, have a butchers at these Worst Valentine’s Day stories – distinctly unromantic and gloriously hilarious.

If, however, you can take pleasure still in a little romance, then please read on. Is it all romance though? A friend from the front line of Valentine’s Day evening out on the street seemed to think it was a bit more Sodom and Gomorrah than Brief Encounter.

Jessica, a previous colleague of mine from the teaching world, contacted me to ask if I could design a Valentine’s Day card for her in January. She composed the wording herself and sent it to me  – a paragraph of a personal and touching story for the design.

The card is A4 in size, folded into three. I really enjoy using the single line motif for invitations and cards – I like the way you can follow the line and story.


Front Cover



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