Ms Vintage Wedding Affair

I have spent the last couple of weeks at the studio and on the sofa, glue gun and paintbrush in hand, preparing for the Miss Vintage Wedding Affair on Sunday. I have been stamping labels and inking price lists, curling map petals and, finally and very guiltily, pulling Mr Moll out of bed at 6.50am on his only day off, in order to rock up at Surbiton yesterday morning, boxes, bags and packed lunch in hand.

I was in waving distance of the lovely Sara of Under The Vintage Veil, Connie and Dolly, Jennifer Sue Weddings and Alice of Handmade By You. Special mention to Alice for giving the flagging Mr Moll a gorgeous piece of white chocolate fudge – a bit of sugar-rush charity that was extended to multiple grooms throughout the day.


It was lovely to speak to so many interested and enthusiastic brides, friends, mums, grooms and couples. One of the lucky people I met and put their details on my mailing list will win a gorgeous 30 rose bouquet. I will do a prize draw in the next couple of days and announce the lucky winner.








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