Valentine’s Day

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So for mere mortals, it may be a bit early to mention the ‘V’ word, but us card makers are already on the case. Retail land in general is getting ready, and Paperchase have their post-Christmas sale and Valentine’s goods nestled up together. So today I am putting together bundles of cards to be sent out to shops and studios across London. Have a look at my stockists page if you’d like to find a shop that that stocks them. If you’re a shop or individual and you’d like to put in an order for one or many, do send me an email at mollandmostin at gmail dot com.

I like to make Valentine’s Day cards without the pink pomp or fluff, or hearts. I’m generally all for celebrations of all sorts; why turn down an excuse for wine and presents and day trips and possibly cake? But I am also aware that women, and indeed men, don’t suddenly have the mentality of a six-year-old girl on a sugar rush, just because it’s 14th February. Glitter is not a necessity.

When Mr Moll and I first started going out it was only a few short months before our first Valentine’s Day. I was so wary of the saccharine ‘teddy bear and hearts’ brand of Valentine’s Day, I was rather defensive about the whole shebang. I refused, as far as I could, all references to Valentine’s Day. This is thrown into real relief when I tell you that we went to the seaside for the Valentine’s Day weekend; it was, as I told anyone who would listen, because Mr Moll had just come back from 3 weeks holiday and we hadn’t seen each other. It was nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. And of course, as any sane person with a sense of humour would, he got me a Forever Friends Valentine’s Day card. He was nice enough to hold back from the huge display of flowers delivered to my reception desk at work, or maybe that was just because he couldn’t be there to see my face.

These days we generally make or paint homemade cards, which if you think about it, might be as sickening/romantic as a pink and cute monstrosity. Who knows? Lets just be glad of a reason to celebrate amidst the cold and dark February.


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