Happy New Year


Happy New Year, and congratulations for making it through the festive period, and dragging yourself through the other end, alive and breathing, and not another turkey sandwich or work Christmas shindig in sight.

Sitting here, at a new desk, in a bright new studio, with a blue and bright sunny day blasting me through the window and Paul Simon in the headphones, I definitely feel ready to start the new year. I just need to make sure I don’t start whistling along; out of tune but heavily enthusiastic whistling is not considered to be best communal studio practice, as far as I’m aware.

I wasn’t initially so enthusiastic about January; taking our Christmas tree down felt a little sad. It had become a receptacle for anniversary cards, Christmas cards, Hanukkah cards and birthday cards. It was an all over celebration tree, and it was sad to see it go, and even more so, seeing it lean up against the bins outside our block. But sometimes you just have to stop worrying about inanimate objects, and the living room has gained an enormous amount of extra space. Swings and roundabouts.

I am now sharing a studio with a food magazine, the glorious Eat Me magazine, which seems to involve regular deliveries of cake, an unexpected bonus indeed, plus the chance to be one of the first lucky readers of articles about custard (yum) and itchy-feet inducing articles about street eating in Latin America. It means I’m spending some time back towards the East End of London, which is a little heart warming. I do love where I live now, in the old North West, but it’s quite nice to be somewhere a bit more rough and interesting around the edges, where the aim is not perfect waves of hair, but interestingly imperfect hair and exciting jumpers.

I also need give special and separate mention to Lionheart Magazine. It’s a fantastic collection of articles and images, plus my very own first print advert, and is a work of blood, sweat, tears and passion by its editor, Helen. It hit my doormat in the middle of the festive season, and I haven’t had time to thank her or congratulate her as yet. Please excuse the gushing, but do have a butchers.

So, coming up in the next month or two, I have a Paper Rose Fascinator Workshop at The Oak Studio in Hampstead, and my first wedding fair in Surbiton on 19th February, the excellently-titled Miss Vintage Wedding Affair. I have nearly finished a new storybook invitation after spending December guiltily failing to finish the illustrations; I can’t wait to show you the results, once they’ve been sent out. I have Valentine’s Day cards to start on and a couple of wedding craft orders in the pipeline. Interesting times as they say. But for now, I need to go and whistle tunelessly and think about Latin American street food.





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