Seeking Happiness Day by Day

It’s a return to the 1930s Problem Pages, with help from Leonora Elyes, a steely-eyed agony aunt you may remember from previous posts. She reassures her readers, ‘I am always here to help and advise you whenever you are in difficulty or trouble’. This page is titled ‘Seeking Happiness Day by Day’. Leonora Elyes advises her readers on many different matters, from parents  whose married children tease them about their Victorian home for not being modern enough, or asking a woman who wants to avoid having children and continue working to send in a stamped addressed envelope as she ‘will be glad to help…but the subject is to intimate for discussion on this page.’ That puts a whole new spin on the stamped addressed envelope.

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2 thoughts on “Seeking Happiness Day by Day

  1. I love the one about the people who want to get married immediately because ‘his people have gone abroad’. Presumably this is so that his people can’t come! 😀

  2. I couldn’t quite work that one out. I spose that must be the reason. I liked the one who estimated her ex-fiancee’s ‘people’ as MORE than half her social life.

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