7 days of Ayoka: Final Day and Round Up

The final day of 7 days of Ayoka and the sunny weather kicked in. I had a gorgeous woollen skirt in mind for a final celebratory outfit. From the hems and zip you can tell it’s handmade. It’s a really beautiful piece, full length and a generous amount of fabric, and everyone seems to be loving the maxi skirt at the moment, me included. But as I mentioned, the sun was on a rare visit to London town, so unfortunately the woollen skirt wasn’t the right last outfit. Instead I went for the translucent top (£2.00) with skinny trousers (£4.00) and big heels (£7.00).

But that final outfit wasn’t all I could have worn. This project, if needed, could have continued for many days if I’d needed. There are some examples of outfits that didn’t get worn below.



And feedback? How was the challenge? I really enjoyed it. It was a challenge and a pleasure to really think through everything I was going to wear each day. I’m sure there are people who do this properly daily. It felt a little like the first day of school, when you have your new uniform and shoes properly laid out and ready, in stark comparison to the rest of the year, when you have to dig behind the sofa to find the jumper and under the kitchen table for the shoes. I definitely feel that shopping only at charity shops is possible. I was a little disappointed that the lurgy disrupted the challenge, and I had to fall back on other charity shop purchases, but, to be honest, it was reassuring to feel I could have done it easily, and for a much longer period, if I needed to.  It is difficult to avoid the immediacy of the high street; you know that you can definitely get something for an occasion when you need it. But maybe that’s true of the charity shops too, perhaps I just haven’t been looking hard enough. The clothes are there. What worked better than I could have imagined, was the process of going into a shop and grabbing everything I thought looked good and the right size and taking it home to then try it on and work with it. I avoided that painstaking half an hour of indecision, trying to decide what to buy, and everything I got, bar one Jigsaw dress that wouldn’t fit over my ample bottom, fit well and worked.

If you have the instinct to go and grab, and if you make the high street off-limits, then charity shop living is definitely a feasible way to be. Afterall, I had one small charity shop at my disposal, and now I have the whole vast number of them, just waiting to be ransacked.


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