7 days of Ayoka: Day 6

Well hello ladies and gents. I’m cutting it a little fine again today with posting, but it should be up before midnight. You also get a photo of an outfit worn all day, rather than one primed and styled for photography, along with it’s frazzled appearance. I say all day, but since I still have the lurgy, I actually managed to sleep through until the afternoon. That’s a vast improvement on my current sleep cycle of –  doze off, snore, cough, wake up due to coughing, look pissed off, doze off…and repeat ad nauseum. And thanks to Mr Moll for reporting that charming little sleep cycle, as he experienced it, until he put ear plugs in and turned over.

So, once I was actually up and about, I wore a spotty skirt, from the now defunct C&A at £3.00, hitched up as a dress, and then a little pale translucent number over the top, which is a snip at only £2.00.  I think this is my least expensive outfit yet. I am then wearing long black knee socks, and lace up boots (both my own), and also a flashing LED badge, made for me by the lovely Mr Moll – hand soldered and everything.

I really like these type of outfits – layers, and loose fitting, feeling quite short, but coupled with long socks and boots, to even out the leg on show. The loose fitting  layers stop the socks becoming too ‘Clueless’ in style, but they’re still fun to wear. So another Ayoka challenge success!



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