7 Days of Ayoka: Day 5

Before the start of the challenge, I suggested that the ideal aim would be to find an outfit that felt really special – the type of one that puts a swing in your step. I think I might have found the one today. Found all in a one-stop-shop trip to Ayoka yesterday.

Take one Marks and Sparks number, a brown belt and some brown Topshop heels, and find the outfit of the day. I am so happy to have found something that works, that is really comfortable, and that I would be happy wearing on a special occasion. Charity shop shopping is not all hilarious jumpers and whitewashed jeans. You can come out with something that doesn’t cry out ‘charity shopped’ from it’s very fibres.


It also gave me a chance to venture into the courtyard garden in the middle of our block. I’ve never really been in there before, as it is, by nature, overlooked on all sides. But once inside, there’s plenty of plants and greenery to take your mind off it, and plenty of benches to curl up and read on. It’s 30 seconds from my door too, so taking a cup of tea along doesn’t seem out of the question either.

This afternoon I’m off to prepare for a workshop, making vintage paper flowers with the lovely Lizzy and friends, for decoration for an engagement party. Regular readers may remember the invitations I designed for the occasion. I am off on an expedition to get some paper for the occasion and to discover if all the mini glue guns and heatproof gloves I ordered last week have arrived. We’re going to bundle around a table at my studio for this. Originally we hoped to use the fantastic Create Place, the craft venue a couple of doors down from Ayoka. They have an amazing range of workshops and offer the space for parties. If I wasn’t living an hour away, I would be there much more often. This time, for my own workshop, it wasn’t really possible unfortunately – the dates didn’t quite match up, and we weren’t quite sure on numbers, and since friends are lovely and forgiving, we’re bundling around in the studio. But if you do fancy a vintage paper rose bouquet, or a workshop making one, then do get in contact with me.

And now, to Notting Hill and a second-hand bookshop emporium, with the special damp paper smell. Exciting.





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