7 days of Ayoka: Day 4

Today I had an exciting expedition, to the centre of this challenge, the lovely Ayoka.

It was time to collect a new set of clothes for the next few days, and I cannot tell you how excited I am about the upcoming outfits.

It’s basically a dream situation as far as I’m concerned; going into a charity shop and pulling all the things I like off the shelves, and walking out with them in an enormous bag, without a second thought. Again, I’m sure there are people who dream about doing the same thing in glossy shops – those shops where there is one item per peerless, clear, glass shelf, and the assistants are the species above human, or at least that’s the impression they choose to give.  But if you chose a perfectly placed item from a perfectly placed shelf, that is perfectly placed in exactly the same position in many different clone shops, where is the exciting sense of discovery? This is the best thing about charity shops as far as I’m concerned.

I also have to say, Ayoka is currently full of amazing homewares too. I can’t really consider the ‘one in one out’ policy on clothing and objects we have in our one bedroom flat a completely positive thing, but it works. Today, it prevented me from bringing home a collection of beautiful, pure white and dainty cups and saucers for only five pounds, or gorgeous little patterned tea-pot, or some hand painted little serving bowls, all from Ayoka. They also have an excellent retro range of brown and yellow crockery for vintage fans.

Discovering one-off pieces, home-made clothes, or high street treasures, at the fraction of usual cost, and then, here’s the key, boasting about it later, is where the true joy of the charity shop lies.

I’ve also been thinking; I would never normally consider sweeping into a charity shop, grabbing things I loved from the shelves with specific outfits in mind, and not even trying them on, but walking out with them confidently, like I did today. But if I did, like today, what would happen?  Well, I would have a dress, two belts, two skirts, a pair of shoes and a top for under £30.00. Which is excellent. Unless you’ve got a ‘one in one out’ policy.

And today’s outfit? It again relies on a couple of previous Ayoka purchases, but that’s no bad thing.

Black and white stripey top – Bought a couple of months ago for about £2.00

Cinch belt – £1.00

Slouchy black a line skirt from H&M – £4.00

And the old classic black high heels – £5.00

Promise to wear different shoes tomorrow. Excited about tomorrow’s outfit. See you then!


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