7 days of Ayoka: Day 2

I am earnestly trying to prevent this series of blogs from merely charting the progress of my lurgy. This is a blog charting the challenge of wearing only Ayoka clothes for seven days, not the challenge of getting dressed at all when you’re feeling under the weather.

But anyway, if I had been feeling sprightly today, I would have been visiting either this sustainable fashion show or this jumble sale. I definitely plan to go a-jumbling again soon, and keep an eye out for another charity shop fashion show and promise to tell you all about them then. Apologies for not reporting from the front line of sustainable fashion this time, but give me time, I shall continue my stint at the front.

However, this rainy Saturday, I managed little North London wander along to this Russian restaurant to meet my lovely friend, Gaia. We ate a lovely collection of food; gherkins, sauerkraut, salt beef, rye bread and smoked salmon. The kind of plate that would revolt a whole number of people, but excite others; those type of foods you have try many times before you take to them; that seem utterly revolting until the moment of conversion, at which point you become obsessed. That’s definitely how I feel about gherkins.

And for this jaunt, what Ayoka outfit did I wear?I had an excellent outfit today. I wore a pale, peachy pink playsuit, black tights (my own), an indigo blue cardigan with black leopard print, and some chunky black heels (swapped for boots when the rain kicked in). My favourite bit of the playsuit is the collar or frill – it goes all around the back. I do love a playsuit or jumpsuit- deceptively easy to wear and comfortable…until you need to pop to the loo. If any men are wondering why women spend so much time in the toilet, it’s not the chatting or nose-powdering, it’s the process of extrication from clothing and getting re-dressed. At which point, I would like to congratulate all those (many) brave souls who I saw at a festival recently wearing all-in-ones.It’s one thing to enter a festival toilet, it’s another to get nigh-on undressed in one.


So today’s outfit:


It was comfortable and felt a little special or unusual. A definite thumbs up, and another bargain.

Playsuit: £5.00

Cardigan: £4.00

Shoes: £5.00







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