7 days of Ayoka: Day 1

Oh dear. Day One, and already the project has hit a problem. I have the lurgy. I spent yesterday on the sofa, and managed at about 3.00pm to waddle to the shop, swaddled in a hoodie, to get soup. I have been awake for about ten minutes, and I have already take a couple of cold and flu capsules, some nose spray and I am currently drinking some barocca. I shall not be defeated!

However, this does means my plans will change. My outfit for today was set to be a figure hugging skirt and little blouse combination (I won’t give you any more details, as hopefully it will reappear later in the week). But, having the lurgy means the last thing I want to do is squeeze myself into a restrictive skirt and toddle around in it. So, comfort it is. Stylish comfort though I hope. Perhaps this is the kind of fashion advice we need; not what to wear when we’re looking surprisingly well, but what to wear when we’re knackered, having a fat day or have the lurgy.



Item no. 1.Extra Large man’s Katherine Hamnet slogan t-shirt. Price: £3.00

Problem number two – I’m already nearly breaking my own rules; this t shirt was bought from Oxfam at the weekend, rather than Ayoka, but the last minute outfit change courtesy of the lurgy has changed the goal posts. I promise to do better. However, if I’m going to use something from an alternative shop, I’m glad it’s a Katherine Hamnet t shirt. Not only are they the original slogan t shirt, but Katherine Hamnet has long been campaigning for ethical production of cotton, and environmental consciousness in the fashion industry. These slogan t shirts are designed to campaign. What a difference from today’s slogan t shirts, eh?

Item no. 2. Cropped charcoal Grey trousers, H&M Price: £5.00

Item no. 3. Black high heels. Price £5.00

Overall price: £13.00 What a bargain!

I really like the combination of the oversized top, with a straight leg trouser and heel underneath. All I need now is an oversized bag and a bit of a quiff-style hairstyle and a line of eye liner. What do you think?


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